WANTS !! O___O
im fall in love with stunfisk recently
and i found that some item from stunfisk campaign are worth to own

im looking for this stunfisk floormat - FOUND ALRD
im willing to spend 60-70$ before shipping for NEW
and for USED PLEASE info me the price and pic :DD

and im also looking for this stunfisk socks
anysize will do, but i prefer small / medium, NEW / USED (used please send me the pics)
i dont know how much is this actually, please PM me about price ><
and let me think about the price haha

i also want this stunfisk pencil, ONLY THE PENCIL >< - FOUND ALRD
used / new is okay, as long its still works
please pm me the price :DD

and this stunfisk cushion, with / without tag its okay - FOUND ALRD
used / no also okay, but for used / without tag please send the pic to me
and send the price too ;)

YAY !! i have received some candies from http://www.jlist.com/ 

I've been looking for one candies actually, the candies from Studio Ghibli old movie..
Grave of the Fireflies - Sakuma Drops, i feel so sad to Setsuko, the role character sister on this movie, she loves Sakuma Drops so much, but at the end she dies because of malnutrition..

this is setsuko

and i found this sakuma drops finally, but after looking on the site..
i found Pokemon Pokepachi too !
i become fans of pokemon again since i watch Pokemon BW series LOL
i only watch pokemon till im on 6th grade.. but now im getting crazy over pokemon again :DDD, i start to collecting pokemon things again..

and here's my buys from J-List..
i got Sakuma Drops ( Grave of the Fireflies Series ) ; Caramel Candies ; and ofc.. POKEPACHI ! kyaaa !

- ps : btw this is my first post ohoho


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